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Work. Life. Balance. Oh my!

Look, we jumped into our careers or started a business because we wanted to build a strong foundation, have impact & enjoy a successful life.

But at some point the job changed and it’s like your soul is being sucked away…

... No time. No energy. No motivation. Not having confidence at work.

(not to mention the brain fog and the exhausting grind of overwhelm)

...dedicated but depleted
...engaged but exhausted
...tenacious but trapped

All those years of powering through and ignoring personal care are now compounding.  

...Every day worrying about performance instead of going on vacation.

Meanwhile, a small handful of leaders, business owners & entrepreneurs are using a super simple “secret strategy” to bypass burnout and MOVE, THINK & SMILE with dramatically more health, wealth & happiness...

...one that reignites their energy, while staying true to themselves, and becoming the BADASS they’ve always wanted to be at work and home.

Instead of contemplating: “Am I losing my edge? Are my best days behind me?”...

In this career conquering workbook, discover:

Exactly how to integrate energy, health & adventure into a high-performing career without sacrificing your health & sanity.

14 things to help you sleep better so you actually wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed instead of thinking “I need more energy!”

Why powering through burnout & stress is not a smart decision and leads to your body, career & personal life crying out for help... and what to do instead.

The secret to conquering stress once and for all instead of just learning how to manage stress and anxiety in your life.

How to boost self confidence at work, ask for what you need, get more done and add at least 10 hours of personal time every week.

Why vacations, caffeine, medications, exercise, supplements & eating more kale only cause distractions, and mask over the real reason your body and career/business are running on fumes.

Instead of asking “how do i get happy?” you’ll conquer burnout, optimize your health and fuel your career & life with badass energy!

If you like detailed step-by-step instructions with plenty of examples, and a touch of humor, then you’ll love Eléa Faucheron’s look behind the scenes at how she turns stress and burnout into a badass life.

Eléa will teach you exactly how to boost your confidence at work... get it, feel it & keep it so you can turbo boost your happiness and positive impact on the world.

Buy MOVE THINK SMILE Volume 1: Burnout to Badass today and master Elea’s stress conquering method to get your life back when work burns you out.

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Even though we can land on the moon, clone sheep, and build a particle accelerator, we're constantly baffled by HOW TO remove stress from our lives. The secret: you can't. Your body needs stress to survive. The fix is turning your bad stress (BurnOut) into good stress (BadAss).

"Eléa addresses a major cause of chronic illness much overlooked by conventional medicine. She takes a very introspective look at BURNOUT's root causes. The functional and organic stressors impacting your health, and your ability to perform at work and at home. In 14 modules, Eléa helps you identify BurnOut and gives you a roadmap to discovering BadAss."

- Dr. JP Saleeby, MD, Carolina Holistic Medicine Founder


Are you feeling crushed by stress? Do you fantasize about leaving it all behind? Are you simply: DONE? The World Health Organization names STRESS as THE 21st Century Epidemic. BurnOut crushes 3 out of 4 people. It makes you sick and poor, fast. BurnOut is a giant obstacle that hits hard. Will you get over it?

"So many of us are suffering BurnOut, and can't even tell what's going on, let alone find a way out. Totally exhausted, the pace of life and business is over the top. We're simply too busy and are paying the price. Eléa is leading the charge to live with exuberance through her BadAss methodology. She clearly knows the terrain so well. Trust her leadership!"

- Melissa Gordon, CCPC, Echelon Communicate President, Speak It Like You Mean It!™ Creator


BurnOut took Eléa down, she found her way out while battling muddy obstacles in Spartan Races. In 14 modules, you'll master her fun, stress conquering method: MOVE THINK SMILE. It's how to live good, feel good & look good when work burns you out! Let Eléa train you on turning stress into success (obstacle racing not required). BurnOut sucks, but recovery can be BadAss!

"Working with Eléa has changed my outlook on life and work into something I'm proud of. Whether it's making a difficult change, holding me accountable or simply shifting into a more positive mindset, a conversation with her makes it happen. Her book is gold. Read it!"

- Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT, CNC, Core Exercise Solutions Founder


It will stop BurnOut from damaging your life. Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page! 

If you're already feeling BadAss, then give it to a friend. They're probably Burning Out!

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