My Compass and Anchor to Windward

A Story of Love, Imagination and Adventure

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My Compass and Anchor to Windward is the story of Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his wife, Marie recounting their lives from the time they met at 8-years old until he died in 1957. As their granddaughter, I have private letters, family stories, and archives of information at my disposal.
The future Admiral was a dreamer and risk-taker with a rascally personality and adventuresome spirit, reminiscent of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Dick had ADHD; his father fearing he'd never be able to keep the boy alive, reprimanded him many times over for his "foolish and reckless deviltry." Later, Marie's mother opposed their marrying fearing Dick would meet his end sooner rather than later.
Marie knew was that life with Dick would never be boring; a calm, intelligent, structured, loving, and strong woman, she was his compass and anchor to windward; only she could pull the reins in on him, most of the time.
For those who have this diagnosis or are parents of children with ADHD, not a deficit of attention; it is a surplus, this book will bring tremendous insight into the mind, actions, and successes one can have despite the label. Throughout the story, there are many near-death mishaps, immense creativity and foresight, daring 1st flights over the North and South Poles, water ditching a plane off the coast of France, arresting insurgents in the Philippines (as a 13 yr. old), political intrigue with FDR and Winston Churchill, WWII battles, the Atomic Bomb, and more.

This book will take the reader on the ride of a lifetime, wondering what could happen next? Within it all, there was the everlasting love between Dick and Marie that romance readers will admire. Full of fun with a couple who were great practical jokers, teens and adults alike will enjoy the high adventure, excitement, romance, spirituality, heroics, and humor of their lives. Individuals with ADHD are bright, creative, and funny, often using self-deprecating humor to remind the world that perfection is wholly uninterestin

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