Phrasal Verbs with Pictures Phrasal Verbs with Pictures

Phrasal Verbs with Pictures


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Phrasal verbs are indispensable parts of the English language. They add a sense of fluency into spoken or written language and render it richer in terms of vocabulary. Knowing and using not all, but even the most common ones would make our English sound more natural. However, the difficult thing about phrasal verbs is to memorize them because, they may have some meanings which are completely irrelevant to their constituent parts. For this reason, we need to learn them by heart, which means “to memorize” them. 

Although it may sound hard to learn them in this way, using phrasal verbs in actual dialogs makes it easier to memorize them by creating a “match” on the cognitive level. If we support this with images as well, we may have a better chance to retain them in our memories permanently. This is exactly where this book steps in. You will find hundreds of dialogs presented in drawings where characters use phrasal verbs. A total of carefully selected 228 phrasal verbs are given with up to their 3 common definitions. Therefore, you will have to memorize neither the outdated phrasal verbs nor their barely used meanings.

There are 38 units in the book, each of which contains 6 phrasal verbs given in an alphabetical order. There is an “Exercises” section at the end of every unit  and two Revision Tests after every five units. You will also find a general revision test with 100 questions in the back of the book. This test consists of all the phrasal verbs in this book. You can reach the answers to the exercises by using the buttons below exercise pages. 

This book contains links to the videos of each unit. These videos offer 2-3-minute footages taken from various films where characters use the phrasal verbs presented in the relevant unit. The footages come with subtitles in two languages and the phrasal verbs are highlighted. You can reach these videos by using the buttons below pages.

After looking at the drawings, reading the dialogs, watching the movie footages and doing the exercises, you won’t have any trouble keeping phrasal verbs in your long-term memory and using them in your own sentences. All you need to do is to make regular revisions, which is a must learning a new language.

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