Rule of Law Book - Kim Lindquist Rule of Law Book - Kim Lindquist

Rule of Law Book - Kim Lindquist

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Language and the universal need of comparative criminal law information prompted this writing. My early international experience involved Latin America and the Spanish language exclusively. This ultimately resulted in the writing and publication of four books in Spanish directed at the comparative criminal procedure of those countries. Since that time my studies have expanded into the Eastern Hemisphere, with English as the common language. With that expanded experience, I came to appreciate the fact that the East shares the same comparative law reality with the West, their varied cultural differences only underscoring the universal nature of the criminal law principles and mechanisms otherwise held in common. I have come to realize that those universal principles and mechanisms must be addressed in English as well. This book is the result.

The task has been daunting by virtue of the massive amount of information involved. At the same time, it has proved extremely satisfying. The endeavor has allowed me to revisit, confirm, and refine the accuracy of the principles dealt with, at the same time improving hopefully their pedagogical expression. The work has also allowed me to bring together in a more coherent whole the concepts and ideas otherwise spread among the preceding books and related writings. Although tempted to feel great intellectual comfort in achieving a single source of important but varied information, I am fairly but harshly brought back to earth with the realization of the illusory nature of that achievement. Indeed, given the profound depth and breadth of Rule of Law, its scholastic dominion is as elusive as Rule of Law itself. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope this writing will help.

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13 de abril
Kim R. Lindquist
Kim Lindquist

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