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Systematic Theology

Monumental! Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology, with almost 800 pages of Reformed theological thought this is the magnum opus of his life! This hefty volume still remains the standard of systematic theology. Unsurpassed in clarity and convenience, his refreshing treatment of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith are crucial to a deeper understanding of the consequence of one’s beliefs. Refuting the myth that systematic theology is unexciting, Berkhof explains the doctrines, practices, and questions about the Christian faith from many new angles revealing a fuller knowledge of God. Phenomenal!

Summary of Christian Doctrine

Solid, systematic, extensive in reach, and always authentically Reformed! Summary of Christian Doctrine by Louis Berkhof is widely acknowledged as the best, brief and balanced systematic theology. Concise and crisp, this is a great introduction to theology. Berkhof unveils the glory of God through creation and redemption history, reliably handling great subjects, succinctly supporting his teaching with apt portions of Scripture to look up and meditate upon. This is Berkhof’s accurate summa of Christian doctrine. Awesome ready reference throwing light on almost any subject!

Introduction to the New Testament

A reference volume par excellence! Introduction to the New Testament by Louis Berkhof draws insights from several great men of God, presenting a higher appreciation and deeper understanding of the New Testament, its history, culture and authors. A grand work of systematic theology, beautifully organized and impeccable! Impressive investigation of the history and purpose of the gospel and epistles! Easy to navigate, Berkhof begins with a simple outline and goes on to describe author, contents, characteristics and canonical significance of each New Testament book! An unmitigated reading pleasure!

Books Included

Systematic Theology

Introduction to the New Testament

Manual of Christian Doctrine

A Summary of Christian Doctrine

Common Grace

Perversion of the Gospel


What is the Word of God?

Religión y espiritualidad
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E4 Group
The Ephesians Four Group

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