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There is no such thing called a perfect life. Every human has their own version of problems and recent days most of them experience a marital crisis. This book is a sincere attempt of spotlighting the impact of human emotions in relationships and perseverance of reader will help them to self-study of their life to understand how those emotions influenced their life. This book will help you how to think during the hard times of marriage, not what to think. This book is for every person in or was in or wants to in relationship, no matter your current marital status. Recommended if you are in Love, Living together, Married, Separated, Divorced, Single Parent or Joint Parents; not knowing how to handle emotions is a cause of most marriage crisis.


Jagadeesan Rajendran was an expert in Sales & Marketing from Chennai, India. He held an MBA in Marketing Management, a graduation in B.E., (Mechanical Engineering) from Madras University and discontinued his M.E., (Printing & Packaging Technology) from CEG-Anna University. He perceived his career in varies industries like Engineering Instrumentation, Laser Marking & Coding, CIJ Printing, and presently working for IT Company in Dubai. He delivered motivational speeches and passionate about travel, books, movies, script writing, lyrics, and poetry. He also penned lyrics and directed a private music video. When he had personally addressed several human lives are undergoing misery due to marriage crisis, and the way their emotions manipulated by the system devastated him. People waste time, energy and money in therapies, legal aids haunted him. Those are supposed to help them were actually exploiting them, irrespective of their education and experience most of the people actually don’t know how to handle those situations. His views and suggestions helped many people of both genders. He wrote this book with intention of reaching more of such souls, longing to hold someone who can support. His travels gave him an opportunity to meet and discuss on similar issues with more people in different countries and cultures made him realize this as a universal problem.
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Jagadeesan Rajendran
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