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“For seven years, I worked very closely with Shar Boerema, encouraging ministry wives. …Often Shar’s life experiences with Ben helped people in our meetings who also had disabled children. Shar’s love and hope for Ben made it a transformative experience for the women. This is why I’m so pleased Shar has given herself to the arduous task of putting her life with Ben in print. Shar’s faith and depth of love will delight any reader.” Gail MacDonald, author, wife and ministry partner to Gordon MacDonald.

Benjamin’s siblings became extremely vulnerable for this book. Shar has included letters and articles they wrote honestly about life with a brother who broke all the social rules.

AND, you’ll find resources for siblings of special needs persons inside!

“Even when he's being facetious he will bring smiles to strangers and friends faces, something I certainly don't do, which makes me smile just thinking about him poking someone with a scowl, declaring "bubbee," and turning away. Exactly what I want to do to people sometimes."

SPC James Boerema, United States Army

“I’m shown how to say hello by his bear hugs, sloppy kisses, and loud “Hi!” I was taught how to dance by the silly moves he’ll make when his favorite song comes on the radio. I know to be myself at all times because Ben isn’t afraid to be himself.” Aubrey Boerema, CTRS

“…a woman started weeping [at the rehab hospital where Rachel works] and repeating in distraught and soul wrenching tones, “No, no, no, no, no …” She has had few other words since her injury... I couldn’t handle hearing what I had heard so clearly when I was little: when Ben came to the end of his rope to feel his inability to communicate or be understood, he would cry with words and sounds that only his tongue could form.” Rachel Boerema,OTR/L

“Loving a Benjamite means carrying a thousand little coffins and never knowing when a new one will open up and lay a piece of your heart to rest. … No one imagines motherhood as a distant gaze from their toddler’s gorgeous eyes and the emotionally draining attempts to connect with them all day. Little girls don’t grow up thinking that their big brother won’t have a conversation with them, ever. Grandparents don’t expect to counsel and console sons and daughters … exhausted, angry and heartbroken. Dads don’t expect to try teaching their sons to shave while knowing that it will always be someone else’s job.” Jen Boerema Miller

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