The 21 Day Prostate Fix: How to Fix Almost Any Prostate Problem Without Drugs, Surgery, or Invasive Exams The 10-Hour Coffee Diet

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If you want to quickly and easily fix your prostate problems in as little as 21 days or less... without drugs, surgery or gruesome invasive procedures then this short book will show you how.

The title is: How To Fix Prostate Problems In 21 Days Or Less - Natural Ways To Combat Painful Prostate Problems Without Drugs, Surgery, or Invasive Exams

Keep in mind, this book is short and dives straight in to address the issue. Your issue.

So if you value books based on page count instead of quantity of immediate help, it's not for you.

It's is an extremely concise, to-the-point guide for people who have prostate pain and are confused, not getting the results they want, and don't know where to turn.

There is no fluff or "filler."

And, it is written for men who value their time and want fast relief.

Here are some of the tips inside:
* An inexpensive herb Chinese health gurus have used for thousands of years to wipe out even the most stubbornly persistent prostate pain. (Forget Saw Palmetto, beta sitosterol and all the other "fad" prostate pain remedies. Try this cheap, fast-acting pill instead -- and watch how quickly your prostate shrinks and feels like it did when you were in your 20's again.)
* The delicious "miracle fruit" that can shrink your prostate and rev up your sex drive at the same time. (They don't call this great tasting fruit "natural Viagra" for nothing...)
* A secret way to "snuff out" deadly inflammation in your prostate. (If you live in an industrialized nation, then chances are your body is suffering from inflammation -- which can cause energy loss, excess body fat, sexual dysfunction, sickness, mental problems, and, yes, prostate pain. Here's what the world's top medical experts recommend for quickly and safely eliminating inflammation.)
* The prostate support "miracle elixir" that also burns body fat. (Just add water to the recipe described on page 17 -- then watch as much as 4-5 pounds of weight practically melt off the first time you use it! By the way, this also makes great winter and holiday "blubber control", too -- as well as giving you more energy and better sleep.)
* Why drinking lots of water is vital for optimal prostate health. (And the exact KIND of water to take -- not bottled or tap water! -- and exactly how much to drink for best results.)
* The dirt-cheap, "un-sexy" nutrient that has been shown to help shrink enlarged prostates. (If you have prostate symptoms, there's a very good chance you're low on this easy-to-find nutrient.)
* A special kind of doctor (not a urologist) you should visit right away if you are suffering from any kind of prostate issues. (And how this doctor can help you without needing an invasive prostate exam or you even having to take off my pants.)
* Three surprisingly simple tips for putting red hot prostatitis pain on ice. (Including one possible solution used for hundreds of years by certain Native American tribes not 1 in 1000 people knows about today.)
* Why some prostate supplements not only make your problems worse... but can also turn you into a girl! (This is no joke - see the last chapter of the book to see why this happens, and how to stop it.)
* Why your prostate symptoms may not even be caused by your prostate. (This is why some men go from one doctor to the next for years and decades and never find lasting relief, just see the specialist mentioned in the book and put your problems out of your misery for good!)
* And much, much more...

Again, this book is short and to the point.

It's designed so you can read it today, and feel relief as early as tomorrow.

Get it today for prostate relief.

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