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The 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge makes it easier than ever to make creativity part of your daily life. With simple, beautiful projects, and Minnie Smalls' patient guidance, this classic artists’ companion becomes a wellspring of imaginative growth and an instrument for creating a breezy, approachable daily art practice. No more blank pages: these 31 versatile and intuitive projects will help readers push themselves, explore stimulating new territory and feel more hopeful about their overall process.

Each day features projects destined to help readers either begin or strengthen a routine while trying out different mediums and techniques: they can get started with confidence-building activities like Figure Study and Drawing From Memory. Next, they can develop their newfound momentum by trying Observational Drawing, Monochrome Paintings and Self-Portraits and, in the latter days of the challenge, have fun with more advanced projects like Collages, Toned Paper, Plein Air and Playing with Scale. Each of these tutorials are broken down with clear explanations and into easy steps, making them accessible for all.

Whether readers continue to focus solely on sketchbooks, or use them as a warm-up and inspiration tool for their mediums of choice, by the end of the month they’ll learn that there is no “right” kind of artist, only curious individuals willing to delve into their boundless creativity.

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9 de agosto
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