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The concept of Masterminding has been promoted a lot in recent years. Coined by one of the forefathers of success philosophy Napoleon Hill, his influence and teachings of what it truly takes to generate great riches in life has been of great benefit to my own life experience and my work. However i realised that while many have become accustomed to the idea of masterminding and creating alliances, it certainly wasn't as fruitful or productive as one might imagine. We hear of great results, transformational testimonials and success stories that leave us in awe, all gratifying the power of a mastermind.. Yet somehow it always seems to be coming from the "other guy" and never us!
This book is meant to end that streak of success always belonging to someone else. My intention is that you can integrate in your own life, your own alliances, the psychology that goes on behind the pragmatic set up of a powerful collaboration. There is a reason why the most powerful alliances cost a fortune just to enrol, and why most standard ones only create mediocre results.. the reasons and the special secret ingredients are all detailed in this book in simple steps that you can take action on immediately. In just six simple steps, you will learn exactly what it takes for you to rise into mastery in your own life and business. Whether you take this information and start your own mastermind or just implement it in your own life, right where you are, the shift that you will begin to notice as you apply this proven system in your wealth generation strategies will certainly move you into new levels of mastery.
Have you been struggling to create financial abundance?
Do you have trouble putting into play what you already know how to do?
Are your limiting beliefs holding you back and keeping your from the success you already work so hard to attain?
Are you striving for mastery of your business or industry but aren't sure how to go big when you feel so small?
This book will give you answers to this and more. Never before has a book been as simplified or as definitive as this when it comes to leveraging power and mastering the one cause of all the results we experience in life.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
agosto 27
Janette Getui
Smashwords, Inc.

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