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Ellet Joseph Waggoner (1855 – 1916) was a leading Seventh-day Adventist preacher and writer. 

He writes, “The Bible was written for no other purpose than to show the way of life. It contains history and biography, but these are parts of the Gospel Message. Not one line is written except to reveal Christ; whoever reads it for any other purpose than to find in it the way of salvation from sin, reads it in vain; studied in the light of Calvary, it is a delight, and things that would otherwise be obscure are made clear as the noonday. 

The pages that follow are designed as an aid to all who would look at the precepts and promises of the Bible in their true setting. One line runs through the entire Bible, God’s everlasting covenant. Standing at the Cross, one can see the working of God’s eternal purpose, which He purposed “in Christ before the world began.” The history from Paradise lost till Paradise restored, is set forth as in a panorama.” 

This work contains the following chapters: 

1. The Gospel Message 

2. The Promise to Abraham 

3. Building an Altar 

4. Making a Covenant 

5. The Flesh Against the Spirit 

6. The Covenant Sealed 

7. The Test of Faith 

8. The Promise and the Oath 

9. The Promise of Victory 

10. A General View 

11. Israel: A Prince of God 

12. Israel in Egypt 

13. The Time of the Promise 

14. “The Reproach of Christ.” 

15. Giving the Commission 

16. Preaching the Gospel in Egypt 

17. Saved by the Life 

18. The Final Deliverance 

19. The Song of Deliverance 

20. Bread from Heaven 

21. Eating the flesh of Christ 

22. Water from the Rock— Living Water 

23. The Real Presence 

24. The Entering of the Law 

26. The Law Not Against the Promise 

26. Calvary Revealed at Sinai 

27. Mount Sinai and Mount Zion 

28. The Covenants of Promise 

29. The Veil and the Shadow 

30. Two Laws 

31. The Sanctuary of God 

32. Entering the Promised Land 

33. Vain Glory and Defeat 

34. Israel a Missionary People 

35. The Promised Rest 

36. “Another Day.” 

37. Again in Captivity 

38. Bondage Preferred to Freedom 

39. The Time of the Promise at Hand 

40. The Lost Tribes of Israel 

41. One Fold and One Shepherd 

42. The Everlasting Covenant Complete

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