The Life Story of Jeffrey Lynn Head Part I (1956-2001‪)‬

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This is the Life Story of Jeffrey Lynn Head, born in June 1956 in Dallas, TX, of Albert Lee Head Jr. and Georgia Mae Spacil. His father served as a combat naval officer in World War II and then spent fifty years working for Vought Aeronautics designing aircraft for the US Navy. His mother was a housewife, a Diet Consultant, and very involved with the PTA, school board, and text book selection in their school district.

Jeff was raised on a small Texas Ranch and went on to marry Gail Nannette Woodmansee in 1978. They have five children and currently have 13 grandchildren. Their youngest child is due to marry in December 2017.

Jeff has terminal Chordoma bone cancer which was discovered in 2009 and which Jeff has fought since that time. In 2016 after his 4th major surgery and another round of intensive radiation treatment, the condition was determined to be terminal and Jeff took a medical retirement.

Jeff's book offers insites into life in the 20th and 21st century, raising kids in that time, working hard at a successful marriage and romance of 40 years, and into the ills and possible solutions for our day. Any individual or family contemplating life and the issues associated with it, both good and difficult, would benefit from reading his story.

In fact, he wrote the autobiography at the urging of his grandchildren, children and wife, and in particular at the urging of one of those grandchildren, for these very reasons.

It comes in tw parts in the eBook offering because of limitations on file size from the publisher. Part I covers 1956-2001. PArt II covers 2001-2017 and the Appendix with his full Cancer Journal, several of his most popular articles on Liberty and the Constitution, a section about his scale model building, and a section about the awards Jeff has been given over the years.

Jeff had a career of 38 years in Engineering dealing with CAD/CAM/CAE being involved in the defense industry, the power industry, the computer industry, and for the last thirteen+ years with the US Government. He worked on several well known defense projects as well as well known municipal and infrastructure projects as well.

He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a teenager and served a mission for the Church in Germany, and has spent his life in numerous service positions within the church as he and his wife raised their children and made their living.

Jeff also became very involved with conservative, constitutional activities and was a well known author and activist in numerous events involved with those activities.

He dedicated his book to his parents and grandparents, his wonderful wife and children and grandchildren, and in particularly to God in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ, his personal Redeemer and Savior.

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