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The Jerk

Katie flunked out of yet another college and finds herself in a tough predicament. Either work for her jerk of a stepbrother as his assistant, or move out of the house.

Katie's plan to seduce and manipulate Oliver goes awry when she discovers his tastes are very singular. Will she be able to tame the jerk and win his love, or will she be cast out of the house for being unable to please him?

Teacher's Pet

Hannah is a fee spirit, a wild child who thinks the rules don't apply to her.

Robert is her older stepbrother, a sizzling hot, in-control, arrogant jerk.

When Hannah pushes him too far, he will take his revenge. When he turns up at her school as her substitute teacher, there's no telling what form this will take. Mr. Hawk is bound to teach her a lesson she'll never forget.

Will she ever submit to his will? And will he ever let his guard down long enough to love her?

The Mean Girl

Hayley was a mean girl, the head cheerleader kept her tenuous social position through careful manipulations.

She would die if anyone at school found out about her growing feelings for her stepbrother Reece, a tall, hot cowboy but too low on the high school social ladder for her to think about. Besides, he's her stepbrother.

When her mom leaves them high and dry, Hayley takes it upon herself to make up for it while fighting her own feelings of abandonment and guilt.

Will she leave the ranch the minute she graduates? Or will she find something special to keep her around? Something that surpasses any of the artificial friendships she finds at school.

The Bear Brothers

At her best friend's advice, Megan packed everything up and moved to a small town in Colorado. She got a job she didn't want at a local pub working for two of the hottest men she'd ever seen.

Little did she know, her mysterious twin bosses were billionaires and bear shifters...who just happened to be looking for a spunky, curvy mate.

If only Megan could figure out what to do with not one, but two sizzling hot men. She didn't have to worry though, the brothers were right there, willing to show her exactly how it's done.

The Prom

Gracie Harlow is a shy bookworm determined to change all that before college. Her stepbrother and stepsister have it all, looks, popularity, fashion sense. Gracie enlists them to help her with a makeover.

But what happens when she develops feelings for super hot older Alexander? And what will happen when stepsister Cynthia finds out?

The Bachelor

Colton Brooks is the city's most eligible bachelor. He's got it all, looks, money, wit and a cool, reassured style that drives women crazy.

Every woman but his younger stepsister Jessica, that is.

When Colt begs Jess to bid on him at a BDSM themed charity auction, he is sure he's been saved from the clutches of his many ex girlfriends. What he doesn't know is that Jess has plans of her own...plans that include revenge for the many times Colt has kissed her and left her wanting more.

Will these two ever stop arguing long enough to understand how much they mean to each other? Or will sparks keep flying and their passion burn them up before they have a chance to find out?

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mayo 21
Ellie King
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