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As zoe and Kelly continue their adventures together they keep the life lessons of dealing with every day life while having Down Syndrome 
Introduction to 'The View from my Heart with Yoga 

Winn Kelly Charles is an accomplished woman who refers to herself as a disabled woman living in a non-disabled world. In her book, 'The View from my Heart with Yoga', she draws on her own life experience living with physical challenges and her brilliant talent of jewelry design. Her main character, Kelly, has a passion for bringing jewelry, fashion, and make up that is easy to use to those with physical challenges. Inner and outer beauty are equally valued. Kelly freely admonishes that 'We can't be beautiful on the outside if we aren't beautiful on the inside'.This belief is echoed in the tagline for her friend's organic make up line, 'Your outer beauty sparkles within you'. 

Kelly and her friends are passionate about bringing the disabled the best options for living an independent, whole, and beautiful life. Kelly has a line of designer jewelry that the disabled can easily put on and take off. Her fashion designer friend, JT, who was partially paralyzed in a car accident now offers stylish clothing that is easy for those with limited mobility to wear. Cynthia, JT's sister, introduces an organic make up line that is safe for everyone, including the disabled and kid's who love to play dress up. 

Kelly wields her indomitable will power to succeed. She champions her family and friends and shares the accessibility of their combined offerings to the world. Kelly boldly claimes, "No matter how long it takes, or how difficult it is to succeed at something, I will get it"! Kelly is as tough as the diamonds she uses in her jewelry designs and has a heart of gold. She is determined to 'wash the mud of the challenges of disability off' and see 'their gifts sparkle'. 

There is a Japanese saying of wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi is the idea of beauty and perfection seen as even more beautiful and more perfect when the element of imperfection exists. This same way of seeing can be applied to those with physical challenges and the wabi-wabiness of the beauty they have to offer the world.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
abril 24
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