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The Brown Berets Organization impacted the Chicano Movement in a powerful manner from its beginnings, in 1967, until the early eighties. Known primarily for their militancy, the Berets were often compared to the Black Panthers. They clashed with police, were infiltrated by law officers, sometimes fought among themselves, but through it all, they persisted in their commitment to the cause. Their slogans of "Viva La Raza!" and "Chicano Power!" still resonate today in the hearts of many younger Chicanos, many of whom do not even remember the Berets, but they do know the message: "We must be united."

Though there still do exist chapters throughout the southwest of the United States, it was these early years that shaped much of what is known about them. In this book, I cover many of the activities and events which impacted, and therefore were impacted by, the Texas Brown Berets Organization. This state had Chapters in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Lubbock, and several other smaller cities. You will find an emphasis on the Dallas Brown Berets in the history covered in this book. This is because I was the Prime Minister of the organization for approximately ten years. The book includes case after case of police brutality, injustices, and racism. I have also included organizational material of the Brown Berets of those years, such as Declarations and policies of the National Brown Berets, the same from the Texas Brown Berets, and other relevant documentation. I followed a timeline from 1970 until 1980, when I wrote this book. You will also find Chicano poetry through the pages.

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Juan M. Perez
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