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Caught between a gorgeous lawyer and a sexy cop, she's in for the ride of her life...

After a long, terrible Friday, Jen Jones is looking forward to a little girl time and a night to recover. But when she accidentally catches sight of her two sexy male neighbors half-naked and kissing, she can't help but watch as the scorching-hot scene sets her blood on fire. Unfortunately, both men discover her spur-of-the-moment voyeurism. Even worse, one of them is a lawyer...and the other is a cop. Will they believe she's mostly innocent? After all, it's their fault she can't stop thinking about them...

Marcus Taylor has been in love with Dan Blake for years. It is a classic case of opposites attract, since Dan's a cop and Marcus is a defense attorney. After they discover their pretty neighbor watching them get frisky, things turn interesting fast. Marcus has always been bisexual, and he definitely finds their new, flustered neighbor attractive. But what surprises him most is when Dan suggests a menage—two men, one woman, and a lot of naughty fooling around. Marcus is game, but as things heat up between the three of them, trouble soon rears its ugly head. Seducing Jen is not as easy as it seems, and one mistake could threaten to ruin everything for good.

Officer Dan Blake can't stand it when people lie to him, so after he discovers Jen watching him making love and catches her in a lie, it immediately gets his back up. But he's always been worried Marcus might someday leave him for a woman. After all, Marcus is bi and Dan prefers men. So to keep the man he loves, he suggests a threesome, believing that sharing Marcus is better than losing him. But is his heart really in this? How much should he sacrifice to keep the love he needs? And why does Jen stir all his protective cop instincts? 

Reader note: contains MMF menage, hot romance elements, and male/male love

noviembre 8
Etopia Press
EP Publishers, LLC

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