UFO: My Lying Eyes A True Story

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It is time to open your eyes to... My Lying Eyes, the long neglected truth kept undisclosed for decades.

The tight kept secret involves every single person on this earth.

This means you!

It will drastically affect everyone that dares to enter into the outstanding...but dis-believable truth. There is no turning back after reading what has been the most organized lie for more than seventy years. Be one of the first to see the real truth from beyond "My Lying Eyes." I will promise that you will never be the same after reading it.

Before you start to read my book I ask you to be open minded.... to having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments; unprejudiced; unbiased; impartial. I want to warn you... Some of the things will shock you.

It has been over forty years that I have been keeping what I am about to tell a dark secret. I will reveal the truth and bury the deception people have been forced to hear from their birth. You are a part of it no matter who you are.

Myself and the others that are involved are the only ones that can vouch for the truth of my words. I ask you to read my book with value. It might seem unbelievable to many of you. But soon, everyone young and old, rich or poor will know what I am about to tell after so many long years of burying the true. Please except my honest truth. Don’t be one of the people left in the dark or caught off guard.

The truth and evidence is simple.. There is plenty of it, only one problem...it has been guarded well and hid well from the world. I tell you now; we are all about to have a date with destiny that mankind has never felt before. This is where the imputation "Heaven Help Us" comes into play.

Do NOT be left out in knowing what is truly going on. If you have not read any books on UFOs...this is where you should start!

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27 de abril
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