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In this collection of four short stories, we follow Vanessa, a cute girl with a dick, as she experiences three special event weeks at the Kinky College. From Surprise A**l Sex Week, to Deep Throat Memorial Week, to Water Conservation Week. We also check in on her a few years after college.

1. During Surprise A**l Sex Week at the Kinky College, Vanessa is a cute girl with a dick who gets the same treatment as all the other girls during the special event weeks at the college. She started the hormone therapy young, has a hot body, a nice round ass, perfect tits, and is getting her ass f****d just as hard as the rest of the girls. However, she's a little worried when the surprise announcement comes over the college intercom at the end of the week. Will her worries pan out or will things work out?

2. This story takes place during Deep Throat Memorial Week at the Kinky College. Vanessa had been a little worried that she wouldn't get f****d as hard as the rest of the girls during Surprise A**l Sex Week, but it worked out better than she could have hoped for. She even got taken home for the weekend! Warren, the guy who took her home, has a surprise for her, since Deep Throat Memorial Week starts at midnight, right after Surprise A**l Sex Week. Is he really going to do that to her? Will she have a great time back on campus this week too?

3. This story takes place during Water Conservation Week at the Kinky College, a week in which every woman on campus serves as a urinal for any and all men who need to take a piss. The savings in fresh water by cycling urine through women first, since they'll piss it out later anyway, instead of using urinals is well worth it, at least to the men. They're just doing their duty to help protect Mother Earth. Surprise A**l Sex Week and Deep Throat Memorial Week had gone better for Vanessa than she expected. How will Water Conservation Week go? Can she make it to the restroom herself? What is that redhead doing?

4. The epilogue takes place a few years after Vanessa, that cute girl with a dick, has graduated from college. She's in the working world, at an office, learning that maybe all those special event weeks back during her college days really did prepare her for life in the real world.

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Broken Arrow
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