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Welcome to America!  This book provides online resources to new immigrants, students, and visitors to the U.S. to help them learn about and succeed in their new country, the United States of America.  A successful life in the United States requires English knowledge and cultural integration – what better way to begin than with a free book of online resources?  The book’s online resources are dependable and the information provided on each listed website is free. Extra features such as videos, an interactive mini-browser window and a WordSearch game are also included in the book.

The multi-touch interactive book includes information about online resources for new immigrants regarding:

Online Searching – Learn how to search the internet for any type of information you need!
Cultural Awareness – Learn why it is important to understand other cultures and what to do if you experience culture shock.
Refugee and Immigrant Resources – Several federal and non-profit agencies offer resources in multiple languages specifically for refugees and other new immigrants.  Use this book to find them!
Citizenship Resources – Interested in becoming a U.S. citizen?  This chapter has links to the different sections of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service agency.
Using Google Maps – Google Maps offers much more than maps and directions.  Learn how to use Google Maps features such as bus and train directions, Street View, and more!
Education Resources – Be a life-long learner with these free online resources, including online sources for learning English.
Health Resources – Learn how to find answers to your medical questions online, as well as where to find medical information (including videos) in other languages.
Financial Literacy – Knowing the importance of saving money, using budgets, maintaining an excellent credit score, and how to avoid scams can help your future here in the U.S.
Emergencies – Links to online resources for emergency and disaster planning, police (crime and victim) information, and fire safety can help you and your family prepare for the unexpected.
Career Resources – Free online career resources for job training, writing résumés, searching for jobs, and/or joining the military are listed in this chapter.
Volunteering - Volunteering not only helps people in your community, it can also provide you with needed job experience and personal references – or even help you decide whether or not to change career paths.  Online resources in this chapter help you learn more about volunteering and how to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

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Theresa Munanga

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