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Have you ever been curious about Wicca and you'd like to finally understand what it's all about?

Wicca is a space that preserved the wisdom of the ancients. This book will share with you what it really is about. It will help you banish misconceptions about witchcraft.It will help you design a life full of wonder. You are welcome to approach it with an open mind.  

Here's some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book:
Discover exactly what Wicca is and what it isn't. You'll learn all about common myths misconceptions so that only the truth remains.All about Wiccan history, including Deities and beliefs.Discover all things magick!The secrets of Wiccan rituals, spells, herbs, charms and practical magick.And much more!
Start with the first chapter, if you will. For it will answer some of the most common questions about Wiccans.

Such as "what is a witch?" Or, "why is magick spelled with a k?". Learn of the history of Wicca and how it came to be what it is now. Once you are satisfied, you have the rest of the eight chapters to explore to your heart's desire. Learn of the belief system of the Wiccans. Find out whether you should join a coven or be a solitaire. Assemble your own collection of magickal tools. Learn how to perform a ritual, read auras, and help heal a sick loved one... And so much more. 

Enjoy this journey through Wicca. Whether you really are a beginner, or an old witch who wants to rekindle the flame, this book is for you.. Start your journey today!

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Felix White
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