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10 Ways to Get Rich from Futures Trading gives beginner futures traders some simple actionable easy to use investment and trading ideas for writing their own rule based trading plan which will give them an edge over the competition in the live financial markets. All of the techniques presented in this book are simple enough for total beginners with zero experience to use in order to begin making money right away.

The market is not a big secret and all of the information you need to make a trading decision is right out in the open. If you know where to find the information and know what to look for you can and will make some money every day in the market provided you are looking at the right information and utilizing the best trading techniques.

10 Ways to Get Rich from Futures Trading can help you keep it simple and filter the huge amount of information out there down to only what you need to know to begin making money right away from trading futures. My philosophy is to start small and build on success have limited exposure while you hone your skills, then progress as you become more competent and build up your account and the techniques in 10 Ways to Get Rich from Futures Trading can help you begin doing that. 

All futures traders who have made it and make money consistently in the market are making it from the beginner traders who have visions of grandeur and dollar signs rolling around in their eyes like some old cartoon, don't be that trader. If you want to make it in this business, I would listen to the advice in 10 Ways to Get Rich from Futures Trading very carefully, I am going to share with you some valuable information that professional real money traders don't want you to know about.

Business & Personal Finance
July 8
Giuseppe Scuti

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