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Speedread.org is our organization. We've been online for almost 14 years, and teaching reading improvement for 34 years at major colleges and Universities.

Our courses are used worldwide by over 100,000 in several languages in many parts of the globe. We've researched just about every course ever written, printed, or computer-based and we've put them to the test.

On our main website, www.speedread.org we list the ones we've created (now there are over 30 of them) and some of the best courses from other developers that we found and trust.

Research: We did the research, 16 years of it, and we are recognized throughout the world as the leader in speed reading research and as an internet authority on the subject. Here's why we did the research?
“It was early 1980, and I needed to complete my doctorate by late 1981. I had to support a family of four, while working 60 hours a week as an intern therapist. It was quite a task for me. But I did it by learning to accelerate my reading and learning skills.
By 1982, I redeveloped the techniques that worked for me and had them evaluated by school psychologists, principals, and reading teachers. Then, I went out and taught more than 8,000 students in Universities around the Continental U.S. and out to Hawaii.”
Records and analysis class by class demonstrated that students in live classes averaged a 311% improvement. We then shortened the courses for home study.
RESEARCHED FROM: 8,000 live students in classes! They all doubled their reading speed and some did incredibly better!
The students were ecstatic. Below is what some of them had to say.
Let's hear from some of our speed reading students and schools and institutions to see how this course has impacted them:
From a college freshman in Canada:
" I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your program tonight. I read through it once and my reading has gone from 240 words per minute to 398 words per minute. a 66% increase. (That's in 2 minutes after finishing the course.) Amazing! I am a first year college student and my reading assignments have been taking up a lot of my time. I expect that will be improving. Definitely one of my best buys. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thank you!"
Take care,
S.D.H., Canada (2004)

From a school administrator:
"A concise, effective, applicable program which provides students with a positive, nurturing attitude leading to success and educational growth. As a school administrator (former school psychologist and principal), my recommendation is to incorporate (your program) in the school curriculum."
Sheryl L. Calvert - Shullsburg, Wisconsin. (1986)

From a director of programs in a US State prison
To whom it may concern,
"The very fact that there is so much interest and enthusiasm for the class has been a benefit to the institution. In my opinion, Dr. Polmar's course would be an asset to any institution and inmates confined there."
Associate Warden, Director of Programs, Central New Mexico Correction Facility - New Mexico (1983)
Here are some comments from people in the know:
"As an educator I would want your program as part of my library. As a teacher I would want (it) as a part of the resource materials that I would use in the classroom."
B. J. Hanes, High School US History Instructor - Nevada, 1985

"Your proposal to teach students how to learn and how to succeed appears promising."
J. Waihee, Governor of Hawaii, 1986

We have the best techniques that have ever been developed; you can get them online in minutes and be a faster reader immediately. So what does all of this means to you?

"In a few minutes you too can be a speed reader
and double your productivity."

The 11-Minute Productivity Package includes:

1 - 11 Minute Speed Reading with
2 - How To Accomplish More in Less Time

The Program That Doubles Your Reading
and Productivity In Just 11-Minutes
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Dr. Jay Polmar

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