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No matter what your level of experience  – from rank beginner to polished professional —  you’re going to find in this book a practical reference guide to help you achieve smashing success with seminar speaking … 



129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips is comprised of 129 tips. Each tip is based on my real-world experience doing literally thousands of seminars, classes, trainings, workshops, keynote speeches, presentations, and public speaking engagements for the last 26 years. These tips are not in any special order or sequence—and that’s on purpose. You can open up to any page at random to find a tip you can use in the real world starting right now. The first tip listed is not first because it’s meant to be read first, nor is the last tip meant to be read last.

You can treat this book like “a box of chocolates” and just open to any page and be surprised and delighted by what you find. I also think of each tip as being like a potato

chip: you can’t eat just one. Reading one tip will make you want to read another tip. The difference between this book and potato chips or chocolate is that this book is a lot less fattening. However, if you decide to use seminar speaking as a way to further your career or promote your business or sell your products and services, you will certainly make your bank account fat!

Taken altogether, the collection of tips comprises a serious body of knowledge and experience that you can put to practical use in the real world starting right away. This is not a theoretical work, nor is it a compilation of other works. You’ll find that this book stands unique as compared to other works on the topic.

You’ll find tips that help you to conquer stage fright.
You’ll find tips that help you to overcome fear of public speaking.
You’ll find plenty of terrific tips on how to find bookings and speaking engagements.
You’ll find tips on how to handle questions, tips on how to structure a flowing and flawless presentation, and tips on expert presentation skills.

Taken as a whole, this book allows you to conquer stage fright, know how to organize any kind of seminar or group event, and become a master of seminar speaking.

Business & Personal Finance
June 5
Kallisti Publishing

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