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Chief Brian Kelly’s career as a U.S. Navy S.E.A.L came to a halt, when he lost his right knee saving a rich kid Marine’s head, during Desert Storm. He medically retired with his pension and a dream. He had always planned to open a Security Consulting firm. His dream would be made easier when the young Marines wealthy grandfather dies. The old man had felt the need to reward Brian for his heroic deed. The reward comes in the form of a long abandoned government research facility and a lot of cash. With the help of some old friends, and a few new ones, Brian finds himself quickly making his dream a reality. From the first day at the Englewood Foundation building, they notice things are not exactly normal. The most noticeably unusual things are the freshly mowed grass, the absence of dust and the appearance that everyone had just left. The most interesting, is the fifty-year-old phone that still works. Strange things begin to happen soon after they get set up. Furniture gets move back to it’s original position. The things they bring in get mysteriously moved to the center of the receiving area, or disappear altogether. There are, of course, the phone calls to a phone that isn’t connected to anything. The strange happenings lead Brian to begin looking into the Englewood Foundations past. They discover a trap door leading to a hole filled with cages, the kind used to hold people. This hole also seems to hold all of the missing dust. A search of the files reveals that the foundation was doing some terrible things. Most of which appeared to be connected to an experiment referred to as “A-21.” When things start to affect his people, Brian begins a desperate search for answers. This search which would reveal a horrible government secret. Brian would risk his business, his new love, his freedom and his life to find the answers.

Crime & Thrillers
July 23
Tim Hancock

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