Advanced English Vocabulary Workbook: Fun Lessons and Effective Exercises to Learn Over 280 Real-life Expressions

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    • 57,99 zł

Publisher Description

Learn advanced real-life English expressions, slang and phrasal verbs and have some fun!

Speaking English can be hard even when your level is quite good. Many people feel that the words they use are too primitive, the sentences they build sound unnatural and it's challenging to express their thoughts clearly. The result is that some English learners feel uncomfortable and shy when it comes to speaking.

This book was created by a teacher and language learner with over 8 years of experience to make learning vocabulary fun and effective. With the help of innovative methods, engaging exercises and lots of revision, you will memorize advanced English expressions and start using them in your speech!

This vocabulary workbook contains:

- 12 fun lessons with effective exercises and creative tasks

- Advanced vocabulary taken from interesting videos dealing with various subjects - learn English words people actually use when they speak

- Links to the videos the vocabulary was taken from - listen to the words in context and improve your listening comprehension skills

- English slang expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms - become better at understanding natives and sound more natural when you speak

- A set of intelligent flashcards with all the vocabulary, including pronunciation, usage examples and images where possible - learn English vocabulary faster and more efficiently

- Lots of revision - make sure you'll memorize every word

- A final test - check your progress and see how much you've learned

The book is meant for upper intermediate and advanced students (B2-C1 levels) and can be used for self-studying as well as teaching English.

Learning English vocabulary can be fun and effective!

3 February
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