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Talking to people in English can be hard even when your level is quite good. Many people feel that the vocabulary they use is too primitive, the sentences they build sound unnatural and they’re unable to express their thoughts clearly. Understanding native speakers isn’t easy either. The result is that many English learners feel uncomfortable and shy when it comes to speaking.

If you don’t know how to improve your speaking skills, where to find good sources of vocabulary and how to learn it efficiently, you are not alone.

If you’re like other English learners all around the world, you want to be sure you’re learning expressions that are actually used by native speakers. You want to learn them efficiently, so that you don't only memorize them but also use them in your speech. You’d like to know commonly used slang, phrasal verbs and idioms and to be able to work on your speaking skills even if you don’t have anyone to practice with.

This is what the book is for. It offers a comprehensive approach to learning new vocabulary. Here is how it works:

- There are 12 lessons in the book, each of them contains a vocabulary list, effective exercises to memorize it and a creative task.
- All the words are taken from videos where native speakers discuss various subjects, such as education, technological advancements, creativity, nature and others. This means you will be learning real-life expressions that are actually used by people when they talk.
- Every time you are introduced to a vocabulary list, you will also find a link to the video where the words were taken from, so you can hear them in context. This will help you understand both the vocabulary and the video better and develop your listening skills.
- You will also learn slang expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms. Knowing them will help you understand native speakers better as well as sound more natural when you talk.
- You’ll do various effective exercises that will help you to memorize the new words. You will tackle them from different perspectives and encounter them in various contexts. This will allow you to use them in your speech in a correct and natural way.
- There will be exercises that will help you practice speaking, even if you are alone. You can’t get better at speaking without actually doing it. The best way is, of course, talking to people, but if you don’t have anyone to practice with, there are some things you can do to develop this skill. The book will guide you through the relevant tasks.
- Additionally, you’ll get a set of intelligent flashcards with all the vocabulary, including pronunciation, usage examples and images. It will make learning the vocabulary even more effective: you’ll be able to memorize more words in a shorter period of time.
- Creative tasks that you’ll find in every lesson will engage your mind, teach you to think in English and simply let you have some fun while learning. You can also share the results of your work on social media.
- There will be lots of revision! You can’t memorize anything without revising it, so the book will make sure that you keep returning to the words you’ve learned before while studying the new ones. The “final revision” part will walk you through all the vocabulary all over again, allowing you to see whether there is something you still don’t quite remember and need to do more work on.
- At the end of the book you will find a final test that will help you see how much you’ve learned.
- Well-structured learning, timely repetition and tackling the new words from various angles will ensure that they will become part of your active vocabulary. This means you will actually start using them in your speech.

It's meant for upper intermediate and advanced students (B2-C1 levels) and can be used for self-studying as well as teaching. You'll find a link to a better designed PDF inside.

February 3
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