Ambrose and the Mermaid

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Publisher Description

''I am surrounded by water, having starting the greatest journey of my life. I have no idea if I can make it alone or if I can even find the ancient city of Coralis.  Somehow, I must find the strength to keep going, to keep swimming.  My name is Ambrose; tragedy has come into my life and now I am on my own.  I must face the biggest test, to cross the ocean in order to find my uncle and my cousin.  All I have to go on are some tall stories and hearsay.  I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see a friendly face again.''

The youngster was sinking fast, into the depths of despair.  He was on his own.  With both his parents gone, he had lost the support he had once taken for granted.  There was only his friend Chloe, who appeared every now and then telling him tales of a place far away, tales that spun his imagination and made him long to travel and find out more.  He had only ever known the security of the round pond.  He longed for adventure.  But how on  earth could he possibly go and do all the things he wanted to do?

The answer can be found in Underwater Publishing's latest release:  'Ambrose and the Mermaid, an Underwater Fable'.  The manuscript was found in a trunk intact, having been stored in an attic for 23 years, since the passing of the author, Southern Evening Echo journalist, Don Good.  A senior reporter for the Southampton newspaper and writer of their weekly 'Sail Trail' column until his retirement in 1986,  Don is also known (along with his brother Roger) for writing the romantic comedy cinema release:  'What The Butler Saw', made in 1950 by Hammer Films.

Ambrose and the Mermaid is the imaginative and heart-warming tale of a country frog who leaves the peace of his home on the Essex marshes to seek his fortune in the world outside.  Ambrose meets the illustrious inhabitants of the glittering under sea world.  Intrigue and mystery follow him as he helps the greatest detective in the world, the K-Fay, to find his missing cousin.  This is a rare and vividly scripted story, where he meets the last of the mermaids.  His adventures mirror the humour of human attributes, the laughter and poignancy of and see for yourself.  This tale will delight and hold you spellbound, waiting to find out what happens next

Fiction & Literature
19 December
Underwater Publishing

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