An Unexpected Journal: Film & Music An Unexpected Journal: Film & Music
#2 - Volume 2

An Unexpected Journal: Film & Music

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Film and music are the language of modern culture. What messages are being conveyed in the movies and songs we love? An Unexpected Journal explores the truths embedded within popular media.


"Serenity and the Theodicy of Joss Whedon" by C.M. Alvarez: An exploration of the themes of evil, free will, and the power of love in the 2005 film.
"On Judging Movies" by Daniel Asperheim: A guide on film criticism and judging true value in movies.
"A Sonnet to Music: The Language of the Soul" by Donald W. Catchings, Jr.: a poem on the beauty of music.
"The Function of Absolute Music for Religious and Non-religous Minds" by Will Daniels: a reflection of the value and purpose of music focusing on the work of Johann Sebastian Bach.
"Where are All the Great Christian Film?" by Joseph Holmes: A survey of the existing landcape in Christian filmmaking and suggestions for improvement.
"The Value of Smuggled Theology in Music" by Sheila Krygsheld: an examination of the way music conveys meaning and deeper truths.
"In Page and Film: Visions of Virtue in Harry Potter" by Roger Maxson: an analysis of the virtues illuminated in the Harry Potter series.
"Lewisvaldi" by Seth Myers: a poem celebrating the joy of summer reflecting the work of C.S. Lewis.
"Who Authors the Authority? A Discussion of Watchmen and Rightful Rule" by Jason Monroe: an examination of Watchmen's critique of authority.
" Twenty Øne Piløts: In the Trenches " by Annie Nardone: on finding significance and meaning in modern music.
"C.S. Lewis, Myth, and Filmmaking" by Timothy Nargi, Jr.: a reflection on the ability of C.S. Lewis to convey theological messages in his fiction and its implicatiaon for modern filmmaking.
"Bridging the Gap" and "A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Persistence of Hope" by Zak Schmoll
"The Witch and the Horror of Eternal Consequences" by Philip Tallon and Cameron McAllister: an examination of the way the portrayal of real evil in films provides real life lessons.
"Analyzing the Fact/Value Dichotomy in Ready Player One: The Movie" by Charlotte B. Thomason: an analysis of the movie as a social commentary and cautionary tale.
"Narnia Adapted to Film: the Triune Dance" by Kyoko Yuasa: a reflection of Lewis's search for the dance of the Triune in art.
"Comedy-Drama in Film: Caught Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday" by Hannah Zarr: a reflection on the way dramedy helps viewers better perceive a Christian view of reality.

Cover art by M.A. Listz
Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2019: 300 pages.

4 June
An Unexpected Journal

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