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A seventh cozy mystery installment to die for!

A Crew-less Kind of Week

“Good morning, Sheriff. How’s Montpelier?” He and Jill were at a conference in the state capital, gone since last Sunday night. He’d been great to keep in touch, calling when he knew I’d be alone, usually about this time of day and again late enough at night we had lots of time to talk. Did he really know me that well, my schedule? Apparently. Made me feel a happy little bubble of joy, like we were really a couple. Weren’t we?

“Good morning, Miss Fleming,” he said in that deep gravel voice of his that made me shiver and grin all over again. “I’m bored silly, ready to come home tomorrow and wishing you’d come with me instead of Jill.”

Well, growl, Sheriff Turner.

With Petunia’s and the annex packed to the brim, Fee’s business is booming. When the yacht club’s president dies under mysterious circumstances, she discovers her bed and breakfast isn’t her only source of employment. Newly partnered with her father in Fleming Investigations, Fee reaches out to Crew to come home and solve the case. Trouble is, he’s vanished and no one will tell her where he’s gone. Worst of all? That leaves Robert, of all people, sitting in the sheriff’s seat to head butt with Fee and John with Olivia’s job again in the balance. (PLEASE NOTE: The choice of AWAY instead of AWEIGH in the title is intentional!)

Crime & Thrillers
March 1
Patti Larsen

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