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Could it be that belief in angels is not just a Christian or New Age philosophy, but a reality? Discover this reality in “Angels in Action” which is an in-depth, balanced, and sound view biblically and historically, along with current evidence, of the ministry of angels. Katrina draws back the curtain of the unseen realm of God’s universe where powerful and wonderful spirit beings dwell—fantastic beings known as angels. In her book, Katrina answers questions concerning good angels and what happened to cause some celestials to fall. Students who have taken her class on “The Ministry of Angels” have shared they gained insight they had never known and urged her to put her notes into a book. You too will receive a greater understanding and awareness of the spirit realm that will help you discover the purpose God has given His spectacular spirit beings not only from a biblical standpoint, but their actions in the world today—and you may even get a glimpse of angelic activity in your own life.

Katrina Wilson travels nationally and internationally speaking at churches, seminars, and conferences and is known for her inspirational and anointed teaching and practical insights into the Word. She is an ordained minister with Calvary Ministries International and Rhema Ministerial Association, and a graduate of Christian Life School of Theology. Katrina and her husband Fred are the founders of Christ Life Ministries in Kettering, Ohio. Wilson is also the author of the popular book, “Dream Talk: Could God be Talking to You through Your Dreams?”

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July 26
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