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Astro’s first box set is to celebrate his birthday and Astro’s Adventures five year anniversary. To commemorate five years of publishing, we are offering the first five books. You’ll learn how the Astro’s Adventures began; you’ll meet Stella, the blind dog for the first time; be introduced to the evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie; travel across the globe and; learn how important it is to look after your pets.

Here is a description of each book:

The Great Escape:
In The Great Escape, we meet Astro, possibly one of the most spoilt dogs in the world. He calls on this secret organisation to save him from what he falsely assumes is imprisonment and neglect.
When Commander Rocky, head of The Organisation, finds out that Astro is not telling the truth he decides to teach him a lesson. Rocky takes Astro to the one place all dogs dread, The Check Out!
However, things don’t go to plan and Commander Rocky learns that below the shallow exterior of a grey shaggy dog is a brave, kind hearted hero.
A hero called Astro.

In this fun children’s book, The Golden Treasure, Astro and our dedicated operatives are sent to find a secret treasure which has been stolen by the evil cat, Speed Bump Charlie. So secret is the Golden Treasure that the operatives are not even told what it is. They are simply told that it will find them at a cat show, of all places!
What about the new puppy recruits? Will their special skills and enthusiasm be a match for the wicked cunning of Speed Bump Charlie? Will Commander Rocky be buried alive? And will our team return the Golden Treasure safely to its rightful home and save The Organisation?

In this fun children’s story, Rampaging Rats, Melbourne City Airport is being destroyed by monster rats. People think dogs are responsible so Astro and our valiant team not only have to destroy the rats, but they also have to find out who created these terrible creatures and clear the name of The Organisation.
If they don’t the strong bond that exists between people and dogs may be ruined for all time and we won’t find out how Indy stopped a dog-eating crocodile or why there’s a dog that thinks his name is Stop It!
Follow the team as they travel around Australia and help rebuild the special bond that exists between dogs and their owners.

When Commander Rocky vanishes in a puff of smoke Astro gathers the team and they travel to the USA to rescue him. However, things don’t go to plan and our valiant heroes become dog-napped and locked in a room without a door. Their mission becomes complicated when they have to save a group of celebrity dogs being held for ransom and deal with the ghosts lurking in the dark halls of the haunted house.

In this fun children’s book, The Gypsy Curse, we meet Tinka, the Gypsy Cat, who sets a curse on Astro and the gang. She evens tricks the cunning evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie. Tinka is able to predict where the dogs are going to stage their next rescue mission. She then sends the dog catcher to capture them and he takes them to the Check Out! The one place all dogs fear!

May 12
Susan Day

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