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Are you like me?
--You often eat more than you intend to.
--Once you start eating candy or other sweets, you can’t stop.
--Food is the most frequent and constant pleasure in your life.
--If you don’t have the foods you love, you can feel panicky.

Sugar and food addiction had me in its grip for decades until I discovered that food wasn’t the problem. How I was living my life was the problem. So I built a sweeter life between meals, achieved significant weight loss , and found a whole new way to be. The Life between Meals program can help you do this too.

Many of us are addicted to sugar, in its many forms, and to its biological counterpart, flour. That addiction manifests in us as weight grain, as cravings, as an inability to stop after one serving, as a mental obsession that has us buying and consuming way more sweets than is good for us. And while we cannot abstain from food Unlike other addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs, we cannot abstain from food. However, we can abstain from sugars and flours.

But of course, it isn't that easy. What I've learned over decades of struggle is that the answer lies in having a life of sweetness and satisfaction between meals so that food at meals is all we need. The 52 support conversations in this free program can help you create that life.

Health & Well-Being
November 20
Jill Kelly

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