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Note: This edition of Canoe and Camp Cookery has been updated to include Metric equivalents.

Published in 1885 in New York under the pen name of "Seneca," by then well-known outdoor writer Henry H. Soule, Canoe and Camp Cookery was one of the first outdoor cookbooks to be published in the U.S. The book is divided into two parts, the first for canoeists, emphasizing light weight, practicality and portability, while the second part, Camp Cookery, offers a more robust menu made possible by the greater supplies of food and equipment found in a campsite setting.

Soule writes, "The object of this little volume is to give to the Corinthian cruiser and the camper some practical recipes for simple but substantial dishes, in such a manner that the veriest novice in the art of the kitchen may prepare palatable food with no more materials and paraphernalia than are consistent with light cruising and comfortable camping. The first part, “Canoe Cookery” instructs in such dishes as the limited outfit of the canoeist or camper who “packs” his dunnage afoot will admit of, while the second part, “Camp Cookery,” deals with the more elaborate menu that can be prepared when ease of transportation will allow the carriage of a more extensive supply.

"Few of the recipes given are original with the compiler. Some have been obtained from trappers and hunters, others from army and navy cooks, and a few from cook books; but all have been practically tested in camp or on a cruise by the writer, whose pleasure in out-door cooking is only equaled by his delight in out-door life."

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