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The Unwanted Stone: An Inspirational Children's Book Bedtime Story About Bravery, Friendship and Triumph

Worthy to be read as one of your daily bedtime stories for children of pre-school age and children ages 6-8 and an inspiring read for everyone in the family.

The "Unwanted Stone" is a touching children's book about Geo, a small, helpless and plain-looking stone who went through an almost endless string of heart-rending events that changed his life completely... and forever.

Laden with positive values and valuable life lessons that anyone can relate to.

After experiencing displacement from being kicked and hurled twice a far distance away from his home, he had to grapple with bullying, verbal abuse, rejection, isolation, and physical and emotional pain, from various characters living within his new environment.

His experience was so intense that he came to a point of questioning his self-esteem and self-respect: "Is something wrong with me?"

A powerful children's story book to promote early childhood education and learning!

Despite the rejection, isolation and loneliness that he felt, he remained graceful, always optimistic, and never bitter.

Although this children's short story depicts a dark side of life, it is also an inspiring, motivational story of
- faith in oneself, bravery and standing one's ground in the face of highly challenging realities of life
- acceptance and forgiveness
- compassion and friendship with an unlikely character, a lowly worm, who himself experienced and share his pain.

In his wounded state, it took a twist of fate in the hands of a cheerful young girl for Geo to discover the beauty that was hidden within his core, just waiting for the perfect moment to be revealed.

Discover the tragic event in Geo's life that lifted him out of his misery and gave him a brand new lease on life.

Witness Geo in his misadventures and how he transformed into a stunning gem that everyone envied and loved.

This children's story about a supposedly cold and unfeeling stone is replete with countless parallelisms in everyone's life. This sure is a kid's story as illustrated by the author's then 10-year old daughter.

This inspirational story is more than just a moving kid's story of survival and victory. Like all of Maria Silvo's children's books, the "Unwanted Stone" is a motivational, value-laden, story written for people on all walks of life - pre-school, school aged, teens, adults, seniors, male, female, black, brown or white - whoever and wherever they are.

Whoever and wherever you are, this awesome kid's book on the facts of life is also for you.

An Inspirational Children's Book for the Whole Family

December 20
Silent Rain Publishing

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