Colombia in 20 Days

Volume 6 & 7

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VOLUME 6 & 7

 This book is the result of a motorcycle photo diary through Colombia, and this is the last installment (covering volumes 6 and 7). 


            Volumes 6 and 7 are an enhanced edition with audio, interactive maps, interactive GPS coordinates, 20 videos and over 150 photographs of people and places in Colombia, that make travelling with us a unique experience. It covers over 1700 miles in the country and especially in La Guajira.


           Volume 6, after knowing the historic town of Mompós, bordering the Mompós depression, we headed towards Cúcuta, not before getting lost on the road a few times and crashing another motorcycle. On our way to the Natural Park of El Cocuy, a motorcycle started having problems, and it was the most stressful day of the journey by multiple factors, but once we got to the splendor of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, a peaceful feeling invaded us, and re-energized us enough to proceed with the best spirit possible. It was the highest day on the journey, not only for what we felt, but also because we went over 4100m above sea level. This volume marks the beginning of our journey back home, the end of the expedition and a felling of sadness of having to return to our everyday reality.


            Volume 7. The end is near. We woke again with a flat tire in an ex-guerrilla town, and we borrowed a bike that I could barely drive. We crossed a river on two canoes and jumped bridges on dirt roads with enormous smiles on our faces.


            Mixtures of feelings go through our body while we pack the bikes for the last time. The unique beauty of our country was the perfect excuse to start this madness. We hope this book continues to inspire all who love the uncertain when we venture into the future. It is only the beginning of the adventure, of a lifestyle, a dream, and life purpose. We hope our spirit of adventure never ends and spreads to others who can achieve the same.


            "Day 20" the Guajira special. We could not write travel accounts around Colombia without writing about La Guajira. It is one of the most special places in the country after the Sierra Nevada of Cocuy. We decided not to go on this journey to this spectacular and memorable place, as 2 months before, we had travelled around La Guajira and had documented the place also. Although the purpose that time was different, the idea of travelling the country was born on that occasion.


            The adventure will continue... 


            For some people, travelling thru Colombia by road is supposed to be a very dangerous endeavour, and even more if you go off the main roads. Andrés Restrepo and Juan Pablo Gaviria, two experienced bikers who share a passion for the unknown, leave their jobs on the side and go aboard on the adventure of travelling Colombia by motorbike. Roaming through barely travelled roads to observe and witness what they like to call the “real” Colombia… All there is to reach beyond the main cities. This is not the typical tourist book. This book is the result of unplanned photographs of a traveller going through places with a different perspective than finding a 5 star hotel and Dining. With the characteristic eagerness of a real traveller and the uncertainty of the biker who does not know where he is going to sleep at night, but with the pleasure of documenting the beauty of the people and places that they find in their path. The unique beauty of the landscapes of this country was the perfect excuse to start this madness. We hope this book will continue to inspire all those who love the uncertain

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10 February
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