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Continuous Improvement - 30 Proven tools to drive Profitability, Quality and Operational Effectiveness in Manufacturing & Service Industry is the fourth book of Business process management and Continuous improvement Executive guide series.

What will you learn from this book?

This book covers the following topics-

- 30 important Continuous improvement tools.

- How to construct and strategically use these tools during all the phases of a Continuous improvemnet campaign.

- Advantages , limitations and applicability of each tool at your workplace.

- Illustrative examples of suing these tools during your Continuous improvement campaigns and post face.

- Possible roadblocks on Continuous improvement highway that champions need to watchout for, how to tap into tools as a vital resource to overcome roadblocks and/or prevent detours.

For Continuous improvement efforts to be meaningful, cost-effective, realistic and sustainable, one has to use effective and accurate tools that will facilitate- identification of the business problems, augment strategic decision-making & implementation, help problem-solving, support measuring the change & sustaining process excellence.

This book provides deep insights into 30 vital tools necessary to meet success with Continous improvement campaigns.

Who should read this book?

If you want some new and effective ideas for improving your organization's efficiency, then this self-help business manageent executive guide is for you.

This book presents practical ways to build and improve business processes and assists professionals whether they are learning the basics of business process improvement (or Continuous improvement) planning their first improvement project or evangeling process oriented thinking throughout their organization.

This book is for agile entrepreneurs, startups, leaders, quality assurance managers, management consulting professionals, production supervisors, project leaders, manufacturing heads, CEOs, Directors and Executives involved in decision- making, directing their organization's sustainability, profitability and expansion.

This book is also for professionals who are interested in making a career change and wish to embrace business process management (BPM) role. This book simplifies business improvement methodologies, gives sequential steps to facilitate selecting a business process improvement method which is right for your organization, helps you understand the principles that drive business improvement and give your career the boost it needs !

This book is also for graduate students in the process of stepping into the industrial world- be it manufacturing or service industry. This book helps you learn the various methods by which you can improve your company's bottom line, which in turn would help your indidvidual career growth.

Lastly, this book is for all 'business readers' who wish to apply business improvement methodologies to their work place in most beneficial, effective and practical ways.

About the author Shruti Bhat PhD, MBA

Shruti is an Innovation mangement & Quality Expert and a Continuous improvement mastermind for over 18 years.

She specializes in business process improvement with biotech, natural products, foods & beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, chemicals, retail industry verticals.

She works with startups, small and mid-sized organizations and facilitates them to become flourishing enterprises.

She has trained over 12000 employees worldwide on Continuous process improvement, quality- by- design, operational excellence, design of experiments and cost-effective ways of innovation.

Read about her testimonials and success casestudies on her website www.DrShrutiBhat.com

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August 23
Shifting Paradigms, Canada

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