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In this book, you will learn meanings of useful 9-letter-words. You will also find the parts of speech they belong to. I have also given synonyms of most of these words. Sample this:

01 -- abasement (noun) an action or a behavior that bring you down or make you lose your own prestige synonyms: debasement, denigration, disparagement]
02 -- abhorrent -- (noun) -- causing a feeling of strong hatred for a way of thinking or behaving for moral reasons [synonyms: detest, loathe, despise]
03 -- animosity (noun) -- very strong aggressive and unfriendly feeling towards somebody [synonyms: acrimony, hostility]
04 -- committal (noun) -- the official process of sending a person to prison or a mental hospital
05 -- crotchety -- (verb) -- easily made angry [synonyms: bad tempered, grumpy, irritable, prickly, touchy]
06 -- demagogic (adjective) -- seeking to win support of ordinary people by emotion-based arguments
07 -- demagogue (noun) -- a political leader who seeks to win support of ordinary people by emotion-based arguments
08 -- demagogy (noun) -- an action of seeking to win support of ordinary people by emotion-based arguments
09 -- denigrate (verb) -- to criticize somebody in a way that doesn’t seem to be fair; to mock or humiliate [synonyms: belittle, disparage]
10 -- eradicate (verb) -- to completely destruct or wipe out something [synonyms: abolish, suppress]
11 -- hankering -- (noun) -- strong desire for something [synonyms: yearning, longing, craving]
12 -- judicious (adjective) -- showing care or good judgment [synonyms: sensible, prudent]
13 -- mandatory (adjective) -- required or binding by law [synonyms: obligatory or compulsory]
14 -- outspread (adjective) -- completely extended, expended or spread out
15 -- refutable (adjective)-- (a). (of somebody/something) that can be proved wrong | (b). (of statement) that can be said to be not true or fair [synonyms: disprovable]
16 -- reiterate (verb) -- to say something once again or again and again for emphasis; [synonyms: repeat]
17 -- satiation (noun) -- satisfaction to the full
18 -- sickening (adjective) -- (a). making you feel disgusted or nauseating | (b). making you feel jealous or annoyed
19 -- trivially (adverb) -- in a way that is unimportant or insignificant and thus not worth considering [synonyms: insignificantly, inconsequentially]
20 -- vehemence (noun) -- the display of feeling in a clear and firm way [synonyms: passion]
21 -- wittingly (adverb) -- with a purpose or knowingly [synonyms: deliberately, intentionally]

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July 25
Manik Joshi

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