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Are you a dj, musician or independent artist trying to make a living in the new music industry? Do you want to release the hit songs that you’ve created? Do you produce music? If so, this book is for you!

Nearly everything about the music industry has changed and will continue to do so at warp speeds. In order to have a real shot at successfully releasing your own music, you must understand the new digital music business, and have the proper tools to communicate and engage with your fans so they can reach your music and content at any moment in time.

The DIY Musician’s Guide To The Digital Music Economy encompasses step by step instructions, tools, and resources that you can use in your quest at becoming a successful DIY artist, dj or musician. This guide is filled with fundamental information and key strategies for becoming a more efficient and productive artist while securely releasing your music, and ultimately generating an income! It was written with the independent DIY (do-it-yourself) musician in mind. The DIY Musician’s Guide To The Digital Music Economy will explain:

- Current trends in exploiting and monetizing music
- How set-up your music business and protect your songs and brand
- New ways to generate income from your songs
- Simple tips, resources, and methods for marketing and monitoring your website traffic
- Social media tools and tactics for automating your music marketing strategies, and much more!

The author, Terrence “Free” Freeman, has two decades of experience writing and producing music, managing artists and music producers, running a production company, as well as, extensive knowledge in content marketing and Wordpress development. Freeman’s detailed knowledge of the music business will serve as an asset to all artists: independent or signed with major label, music executives, A&Rs, artist managers, music producers, etc. Everyone is encouraged to read this guide!

Terrence’s comprehensive and practical DIY guide strives to give you the most up-to-date tools that you will need in your entrepreneurial quest of becoming a successful DIY musician, artist, band, DJ, songwriter, or music producer.

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April 24
Terrence M. Freeman