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Book Two in The Trouble With Men Series from New York Times Bestselling Author Kasey Michaels.

“Aims for the heart and never misses.” — Nora Roberts

Could anything be more boring than a week-long celebration leading up to a high society wedding? Well, that all depends...

Doug Llewellyn, reluctant guest, is greeted with a world-shattering kiss doled out by a beautiful (and rather luscious) stranger who asks him to play along as his date for the week. Rosie Kilgannon, friend of the bride, is also stuck at the country estate, but she's determined she isn't also going to be stuck with the mother-of-the-bride Bettie's choice of partner for her.

Should Doug oblige? Hell, yes - this woman is gorgeous, funny, and different from anyone he's dated (and, boy, has this confirmed bachelor dated!).

Doug meets the scruffy leader of the band brought in for the week, who introduces himself as, "Anvil. Ear Waxx." To which Doug replies, "Doug. Occasional sinus congestion." Rosie laughs, and he knows his prospects for an enjoyable week just climbed a few dozen notches.

But nothing is easy. Bettie is busy sleeping her way through the band, the groom is looking decidedly shady, the bride is crying, the wedding planner is more than taste-testing the booze... and there's this rather likeable nerd running about the grounds in a pith helmet, using a butterfly net as he tries to rid the outdoor wedding venue of squirrels.

Lucky for Rosie and Doug the sex is good - because it's only Tuesday, and they've got a long way to go before the wedding!

September 15
Kathryn Seidick

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