Expert Giver: No Strings Attached

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I had an incredible experience in January of 2018. Part of the clarity that I was given from that experience revealed how most of our giving is conditional, based on instinctual motives—primarily those concerning sex and financial security or money.
Those instincts are part of being human, but I’m doing my best not to allow them to control my life. By not allowing myself to be dominated by those instincts, and by shifting my focus to being more generous and forgiving of others, I have deeper levels of peace, joy, and meaning in my life.
Now I want to share with you how to access the deeper feelings in your life, which will enable you to create meaningful unity with others that is authentic, genuine, and effective.
I’m not starting a new religion or asking you to adopt all of the spiritual insights that I describe in my book, Expert Giver: No Strings Attached. My primary goal is to initiate no-cost Expert Giver Groups, which will give you a proven format for helping yourself and others to address your resentments and anger, and to forgive those who hurt you. Resentments and anger block your becoming more of service to others and taking the risks to trust again. The process described in the book will allow you to move from a victim mentality to accountability and forgiveness—which means moving from being primarily a taker to a giver, from self-focus to other-focus.
Expert Giver Groups invite everyone to be members, regardless of religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, gender, culture, or age. I suggest leaving religious and political discussions out of the meetings. Those are the two primary issues that people fight over. We need unity with each other, now more than ever. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or atheistic, you can probably agree that the most important values for human beings to work toward are unconditional giving, love, forgiveness, kindness, and humility. Those are values and goals that most people appreciate and admire. The goal of Expert Giver Groups is to keep the members’ focus on achieving these goals.
The Expert Giver Groups utilize a 7-step process that is taken from the proven core elements used by 12-step recovery programs for the last 80 years. These elements include taking an inventory of yourself with the help of a mentor, to examine the resentments and anger you hold onto, which are blocking you from becoming more giving and of service to others.
There are so many different methods and therapies in religion and psychology that attempt to enable people to grow and evolve. However, many of those methods and therapies justify our selfish nature. In fact, selfishness is the root of most of our problems. But selfishness exists for our survival as human beings, since we instinctively have drives for sex and financial security. Your challenge is to prevent selfishness from completely dominating your life. That is extremely difficult to achieve on your own, but with the help of others you can do it. My goal is to provide the necessary tools through Expert Giver Groups to help you to evolve.
My hope is to clarify how we are all One, so that what I do to you, I’m doing to myself, since ultimately I am you, and you are me. Virtually every society has some variation of the Golden Rule, whether it is expressed as “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” or “What you do not wish for yourself, do not wish for others,” or simply “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
The book Expert Giver: No Strings Attached is available in its entirety as a free download in ebook format, at cost in paperback and hardback, and free on Audible. Check out for more information.

Health & Well-Being
4 July
Jason Cazes

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