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“Damn you’re a bad bitch.”

“What?!” She sat up on her elbow.

I put the condom on; it was a Magnum and it still looked too small on my dick. Kadisha must have noticed it, too.

“You sure that condom ain’t going to break?” She asked.

“Nawl shawty,” I said in a husky voice as I eased between her thighs, spreading her legs wide.

“Go slow,” she muttered and placed her face in the crook of my neck.

As I tried to ease the head in, she whimpered in pain. I tried to put one of her legs on my shoulder; she resisted.

“Huh, uh, I ain’t ready for all the free style stuff. Let’s just focus on getting it in first.”

I nodded my head; I didn’t want to talk. I eased the head in and Kadisha flinched like she had been burned with a hot iron as she lassoed her legs around my back.

“Ouch! It hurts. Can we use some type of lubricant?” She whined with her face pressed tight against my neck as she breathed hard quavering underneath me.

“Gurl, as wet as your p***y is, we definitely don’t need lubricant,” I said while caressing her ass in preparation for deep strokes.

“But it hurts,” She said, pouting in a sexy voice that turned me on even more. I pulled out, spit on my hand, and wiped it across my dick.

“Ugh!” Kadisha wiggled.

Fiction & Literature
20 November
Sullivan Productions, LLC

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