Golden State Revenge

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Sue took a job as an intern for a company out in San Francisco. It was a good opportunity for her and she did not want to pass it up. The only problem she had was that she was leaving her boyfriend back home. She had only started dating Aaron a few months before after her “love of her life” moved back east to start law school. The only reason she agreed to date Aaron was because her girlfriends pressured her into getting back into the dating scene.

She did not love Aaron but she was starting to like him more even though sometimes he could be a jerk and also, wasn’t that great with sex. Aaron only knew two ways to have sex; missionary and doggy style. He was terrible at oral sex and he never really reciprocated for all the things Sue would do for him. It mainly became a one-way sex exchange but Sue still liked him and wanted to make things work.

Aaron on the other hand was looking for a way out and wanted to break things off. When Sue landed in San Francisco, she called Aaron, hoping for a heartwarming, I miss you already conversation but what she got in return was Aaron telling her maybe they should take a break from one another during the summer.

Sue was no dummy. She knew exactly what Aaron was doing; seeing another woman. Sue was furious, aggravated and also depressed. She called for an Uber pick up to take her to her new apartment that she was going to share with a roommate she had never met.

Jeff, the Uber driver was pretty good-looking and very friendly. After noticing Sue being so depressed, he got her talking and soon Sue was spilling her guts about Aaron. Jeff made her feel good by telling her that Aaron was a fool. During the ride, Sue wanted revenge on Aaron and what better way to extract that revenge, then fool around on him.

When they arrived at her apartment, Sue was ready to put her plan into action. She gave Jeff an option. She could pay the fare with money or Jeff could have sex with her instead. After lifting her top and exposing her tits to Jeff, the revenge had started and it was going to be more rewarding than Sue ever expected.

Welcome to the Golden State!

Fiction & Literature
12 September
Sue Teri

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