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HOLY TRINITY COLLEGE: THE BOARDING SCHOOL MAFIA If you think boarding school has no similarities with the Mafia, then think again.On the surface, Holy Trinity College is a regular single sex (boys only) Catholic secondary school somewhere in Africa. However, below the surface, without the knowledge of the college administration, the prefects run the college like the Mafia. There are unwritten rules. There is a strict hierarchical system and all students are expected to know where they fit into the hierarchy and to behave accordingly. At the top of the hierarchy are the prefects in year five who have "rights". Year one to four students have no "rights" and are at the mercy of year five students.In order to acquire "rights", students have to survive the first four years, and then survive an initiation ceremony at the end of year four.Delve into a world of sex, corporal punishment, guns, bribery, corruption, brothels, revenge, alcohol, and theft. A world in which snitching is forbidden, obedience is necessary, and which has an initiation ceremony, which involves a long list of human rights abuses.This book is based on true events and relates to a boarding college in Africa.VOLUME 1:The academic year begins and the locked room mystery both shocks and impresses everyone in equal measure.1. THE FIRST NIGHT2. THE DAY BEFORE3. THE ARRIVAL4. CAMPUS TOUR AND INDUCTION5. THE LOCKED ROOM MYSTERYContinues in VOLUME 2HOLY TRINITY COLLEGE: THE BOARDING SCHOOL MAFIA - VOLUME 2By Christina Williams1. THE LOCKED ROOM MYSTERY (Continued)2. THE FIRST DINNER3. GETTING READY – MORNING DUTY4. MORNING MASS5. THE FIRST WEEK6. THE OTHER STUDENTS RETURNContinues in VOLUME 3HOLY TRINITY COLLEGE: THE BOARDING SCHOOL MAFIA - VOLUME 3By Christina Williams1. THE OTHER STUDENTS RETURN (CONTINUED)2. ALL IN: THE ACADEMIC YEAR BEGINS3. THE JAMS: THE CHICKEN AND EGG DILEMMA

June 30
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