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Author says about his book:

Many of us are thinking how to make a good amount of money in shorter period of time. You can find thousand of websites and ways advising on how to make lots of money here and there but the truth is, most of them are scam. Especially, If they offer you to make lots of money online. I have been scammed too.

So I decided to start something on my own and have a full control of what I am doing. When I got to New Zealand I invested in cars. I have to be honest I was afraid of losing money but dreaming of potential profit convinced me to go ahead. Beginning was not easy, I did not know anyone who would be doing the same thing and could give me a piece of advice.

Nevertheless, it is not that hard to make extra 20 000$ in New Zealand in few months-If you know what you are doing. New Zealand has a unique market for dealing cars. There is a lot of money in it and advantage is you can keep your full time job.
I am gone and I am not coming back as I have different goals in my life somewhere else. Therefore, I am willing to share my experience and knowledge. This business can be established by both New Zealand residents, but also induviduals who are there on work visa.

I describe step-by-step process from purchase, modification, legislation, sale and marketing. You will learn about sales strategies, what type of cars to buy, when to buy and how much you should spend. What to avoid and where to sell. I believe this Ebook, guide, will make you confident about this business and considerably decrease, If not eliminate the risk of loss and help you ensure profit. The way to the average profit of 1000-2500$ per car is described in detail in my book. This can be achieved in few months.

Business & Personal Finance
August 19
Daniel Kotek