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Publisher Description

Kai is a fifteen year old inventor with some rare talents. The odd thing is that he’s never drunk a drop of water. He’s been fitted with an implant made by his bioengineering parents which uses a plant discovered by them in South America and produces all the water a body could need. The problem is that they can’t get the WJ Implant to work reliably. It only works on Kai and his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bia. South Africa is running out of water and has not had a rainfall in a very long time. The WJ Implant could save humans and animals alike. When Kai discovers how to do this he brings a whole lot of trouble down on his family. A corrupt government official, Van Mullen, is after the device to exploit it for personal monetary gain. Mistakenly, he kidnaps Kai’s parents thinking that they can get the device going, instead of Kai. Kai decides that the only way to save his parents is to solve the problem with the water cycle. He sets out on his adventure but is forced to take Fawn, the granddaughter of a family friend with him. Using a solar powered motorbike Kai, Fawn and his dog Bia skirt the borders of Lesotho hoping that when they put his experiment in place they can make it rain.But at the back of his mind Kai wonders...can a fifteen year old inventor truly save not only his parents...but Africa as well?

Young Adult
January 25
Claire Bruno