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30 years ago, every Petrol Station offered driveway service, you wouldn’t think of getting out of your car to pump your own petrol as it was a highly technical and dangerous activity requiring special skills!! Today you just need to be over 16 years old to work in a petrol station - and they won’t fill your car even if you asked them to. How times have changed.

Travel Agents, Milkman, Bakers, Telegram boys and numerous other sectors of business have undergone dramatic change. Many have disappeared completely, others have had to reinvent, themselves, in this rapidly changing cyber world that we now live and work in.

Real Estate Agents are still promoting the idea that only they have the skills and temperament to sell your home. They try and convince vendors that it requires a special skill with specialized training and techniques to sell a property.

This is no longer the case as the Internet provides information for owners of a property, who now have all the tools and knowledge needed to sell their own home and reap ALL the rewards, without paying vast sums to a third party.

Buyers simply Google a location, put in their preferences and… voila! They have a list of properties with photos, details, satellite and street images and comparative pricing, all without the intervention of a real estate agent.

Selling can be a costly exercise. You usually have to spruce up, paint and repair your current home ready for sale and then you have a series of other costs such as advertising, agent commission, administration fees and other, sometimes hidden costs, which can add up.

Vendors are realising they can maximize the yield from selling their home by taking the sales process on themselves, saving a significant amount which they can use directly for their new property in their tree or sea change plans. It may sound daunting, however selling your own home is actually rather easy and a straightforward exercise- when you have a check list and the knowledge.

The best person to sell your home is you. You have lived in it for some time and you know it’s great features and it’s not so great features. You can talk about living in the area, the schools, the pubs and restaurants and most of all you can “sell it” to a potential purchaser simply by being open and positive.

From a buyer’s point of view, they have been researching properties in your area because it suits their plans and they have chosen your home to inspect because it’s in the right area and it’s in their price range. You are already half way there because they have asked “you” if they can inspect “your property” so all you have to do is welcome them, be friendly, answer their questions and you may be pleasantly surprised just how easy the whole process is.

If You Love Your Real Estate Agent don’t buy this book! shows you how to keep tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket embrace the idea and you will be amazed at how you feel about it and you will also start to realize how empowering selling your own home can be. It is straightforward and profitable; all you need is this book!

Business & Personal Finance
July 6
Philip Horan

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