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You Are 1-Click Away From Learning What You Need To Do To Get Up Each Morning, And Live A Long, Happy Life Through Leveraging The Japanese Philosophy Of Ikigai!

The Japanese have always fascinated everyone who's been in touch with their lifestyle and culture. Having one of the longest lifespans is one of them!

If you ask the average Japanese why they live for so long, and why they're often so happy, you'll likely get all kinds of responses, but if you dig deeper, you'll find that the main reason is a belief and adherence to a philosophical concept known as Ikigai.

Loosely translating to "reason for being or waking up (every day)", it's the reason their lives matter and also the reason these people live a happy life.

So if you've not been the happiest or most optimistic individual recently; you've not been able to find meaning in life, or even find what you love in relation to your values, then this is your book.

Perhaps more importantly, if you want to prolong your life and have a reason to enjoy every moment of your life, having found your "Ikigai", you're in safe hands.

Ikigai is a book that is designed to guide any soul that is caught up in the modern rat-race; desperately seeking to find true peace and a meaning of their life. It is meant to show you the way to increase happiness and extend your life in very simple steps.

If questions like…

What does it really entail, beyond the definition?

How exactly does it prolong life?

How do you find your own Ikigai?

What techniques can you follow to achieve better inner peace and happiness?

And other related ones are going through your mind, keep reading…

Here's a more precise list of the topics it covered:
The basics of Ikigai for beginners, including what it is, how it works, history and moreThe health benefits of IkigaiHow the Ikigai helps prolong lifeLocating and finding your own Ikigai through self-reflectionIkigai as a practice in today's fast paced lifeThe place of the Ikigai diet and the Okinawan diet in nourishing your IkigaiThe meaning of life for entrepreneursThe significance of finding your true Ikigai as a leader…And so much more!
Even if you've done everything within your ability to find yourself and true happiness, and failed, this book is giving you another chance. Armed with an approach and a practice that has flourished for centuries, you're guaranteed to turn your life around and have a more, positive outlook, and a longer life.

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21 September
Kaori Gallagher

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