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To be a successful self-directed market speculator and investor you must be equipped with the proper tools and information from the start of your trading and investing business. Price action and the use of supply and demand principles to make trading and investment decisions are those tools. You don’t need to care where the price is going to be ten years from now; you need to know about where price is right now.

You don’t need any of the latest fad trading systems that the gurus are touting. All you need are the time tested principles of supply and demand. Combine that with the price action of your chosen instrument and you have all the edge you need over your competition.

Supply and demand is not rocket science and no one owns it, or has a patent on it and anyone can learn it. It is a simple market principle that has been in existence since there was a market. It will always be the same principle till there is no more market which will be the end of days. Supply and demand investing and trading works on all asset classes on any time frame; it is a robust and repeatable process in any liquid market. It does not matter if you are trading equities, Forex, futures, grains or kittens and puppies for that matter.

You do not need to over think anything in supply and demand (S&D) trading. It is very simple, the simplest in fact. My goal with Introduction to Basic Supply & Demand Trading for Beginners is to save  brand new self-directed traders and investors who have zero information and are wanting to learn trading, a lot of time and cut down your learning curve so you can be on your way to making real money in the live markets every day. How fast you "get it" is up to you, are you ready? Then let’s do this!

Business & Personal Finance
January 26
Joe Okane

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