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Meet Len, a Staffordshire bull terrier. Dont believe the horror stories pumped out by the media Staffords are one of the best breeds. Just ask the person who has one. Or two.
Len was born in 2006 and joined the Satchwell house in 2008 after their previous dog was put to sleep. Since then, Len has been many places and made many friends and made a few people change their opinion on his breed.
This book contains stories about Len. Places hes been, things hes done, people hes met. His life isnt just about eating and playing; its going places, meeting people, doing things other dogs may not do.
This isnt just another we get a naughty dog that gets in trouble a lot then dies in the end book; Len Stories, written and published whilst Len is just six-years-old, contains short stories which can be read in any order.
Lens interests are playing, walking, and being close to the people he loves. Although hes sleeping right now as this is being written hes a very active dog who likes nothing more than chasing a ball. Unless its raining!
Len is a pet. He may be just another Staffordshire bull terrier who was saved by rescue, but in a very short time he became a much-loved pet. This book contains just a few stories and as hes just six-years-old, therell be years of stories ahead.
Len originally lived with two people, but now shares his home with a budgie, and his garden with two Pekin bantams hens.
Staffordshire bull terriers have a bad reputation which is preyed upon by the media and unscrupulous breeders. But this is a loving breed, and hopefully this comes out in the stories within this book.
SM Satchwell, April 2012

Young Adult
May 7
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