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Book 2: Right Hand Assistant
Courtney is shaken after finding out George’s true colors. After he tries to seduce her in working against Alex, she finds herself drawn closer to her boss instead of pulling away. As Alex begins to open up, she finds herself seeing a new side of him that she can’t stop thinking about.

Things only grow more heated when she comes with Alex to a business trip to Shanghai. The two of them try hard to deny their connection to each other. Courtney can’t help but feel an electrical connection whenever she is around him. This is the first time she has felt anything since her marriage crumbled. How is she going to handle falling for her boss?

At the same time, George refuses to step down from not getting what he thinks he is deserved. As he drums up support for himself against his own brother, Courtney grows more determined to stick by Alex’s side and see him get a firmer grip on the company.

Once again, Courtney is pulled into the fighting of a wealthy family and her own confusing feelings for her billionaire boss. She wants to do what is best for Alex but does that mean she will get left behind in the dust?

Book 3: Fighting For It
Heartbroken and flustered, Courtney finds herself trying to get over Alex. After George tricked him into thinking that she was working against him, she tries to speak sense into Alex. But he refuses to listen, leaving Courtney picking up the pieces of her broken heart.

With Anderson’s promise in mind, she is determined to stand by Alex’s side, even behind the scenes. As the vote to see if Alex will remain as CEO draws closer and closer, Courtney tries to do the best she can at work.

When Alex shows up to a party with a new girl, Courtney feels her chance to be with him slip away. Was it always an impossible dream to begin with? Could a billionaire CEO and his assistant ever make things work? Courtney nurses her heartbreak and tries to be there for Alex in any way she can, trying to deal with her unrequited feelings.

As situations draw to a close for Courtney, she finds herself on the edge of her old world about to step into her new world.

July 12
Mark Mulle

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